An invisible cloak swishes and swooshes but never uncovers the ‘poof’ of ‘abracadabra’. There is a traceable history of pain from when the world ripped itself into form and as it now creaks into middle age. Aged beyond its years a new ‘under’ is forming; flesh, rock, minerals and supressed intelligent matter. There’s room for new words; from fragile foundations new languages form; U R HOT and getting hotter. The legs might collapse putting the surface at risk but there are always more legs (please say there are always more legs). Under the legs is a cave, a burrow, carved out, sculpted, a cavity, a negative space in the stretch marks of time. Negative but not empty, not a secret but too far from here to see. Let’s go the distance! Get with the language, talk to the experts, oral orientation, data crunching, speculate and obfuscate. Let’s try to box it, breach it, understand the implications. You and me. Things move and I like to travel light, be flexible, nomadic; adaptability is THE survival technique and identity (somewhat) elastic, the only thing that can fix me is you.